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Animal Success Stories
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Mocha (mix)

When Mocha came to SCBR, we didn't even know what breed she was, her demodex mange was so bad. SCBR treated her demodex, saw to all her other vet needs, and found a WONDERFUl foster home for her to heal and learn to trust humans again. She seemed to know she was at her fur'ever home the day she steped foot into her foster home.


......and another one joins the ranks of the proud foster failure group!!

From Mocha's new mama:


"Dear Mocha,

You are my first foster, and everyone said I would be a Foster Fail.  When I picked you up from 4 paws, you were so skinny and my goal at that time was to show you people were good. From the second you walked into your foster home you were wonderful.  Every time I got a call from second chance boxer rescue, I thought they had found a home for you and my heart  dropped when I would see the caller Id. But nope, they were just calling to check on you. I would hang up the phone and tell you you're not going anywhere today. I wished the best home possible for you... Not even thinking you had found it. One day I was on the phone with a really good friend of mine & we were talking about you what a GOOD GIRL you were and how she had been down at the shelter looking to help another pup.... We made a choice for you to try and find a forever home with her right then.  You stayed at your new home for 3 weeks and had a great time with many long walks, but something was just not right, even with all the walks & all the one on one attention. Somehow it was just not what you needed.

I was so happy when I found out you were on your way back home.... The day you were brought back HOME I waited at the door for you. This is the point where I have tears in my eyes, when we opened the door and you ran into the house jumping around leaping in the air, almost as if to say I'm Home!! I'm Home!!

To you Mocha I make this promise you will never be hungry again, you will never go without love, you will always have a warm home to sleep in, and you will be forever loved!! I am a foster fail & now i know this is not a bad thing as I now have you Mocha...  I love my 3 girls Sabrina Sammy & Mocha!!!"


SCBR received the email about Murphywhen his time had run out. The heading of the email read "Last chance!" ....he had been forwarded to and turned down by many other rescues. 

Here is Murphy today, now known as Petey, happy as clam in his forever home. He just LOVES his stuffed monkey!! Another one of his favorite past times is soaking up the Florida sunshine. 

We are so grateful to our adopters and supporters to allow us to continue saving precious lives such as Petey's.


Moe has found his forever home!


Missy has found her forever home!



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