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Animal Success Stories
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Second Chance Boxer Rescue received the email about PJ after she was literally dumped in a fellow rescuer's yard. She was named PJ because the dumping happened while they were getting ready for bed and had their PJs on. Their home owner's insurance would not allow them to have PJ because she was a "pit bull type". Despite the fact that SCBR is a boxer rescue, we knew this girl needed a safe place to go, someone to see that she received the vet care she needed, and someone to take over and find her a loving forever home where she would loved, adored, and well taken care of for the rest of her life, never knowing the feeling of abandonement again.

We found a wonderful foster home for her to go to......and they have now joined the group of Proud Foster Flunkies! They fell completely in love with her, and she them. PJ is now named Bella and enjoys the company of her best canine friend Teddy. They both had stories of ruff pasts to share with each other and have bonded over their shared history of abandonment. Bella is now loving life and we are smiling ear to ear for her.