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Message From: Mike Denunzio January 10, 2013
Thanks for saving Hank! I had sent faxes to hold him for me as i live in Ontario, Canada but i had no repsonse & saw emails on examiner.com to my response that the fax wouldn't go thru - was told was wrong # then re-faxed :)

Message From: Jimmy L. Maes January 4, 2013
I just became a volunteer at a Boxer rescue in Denver, Colorado. Its name is HoBo Boxer Rescue.It's the next best thing to owning one.et

Message From: Tracey November 19, 2012
I get on here every day to check the status of Ginger... My kids are really hoping to have the opportunity to meet her and if we're lucky enough call her a part of our family!

Message From: Joe November 18, 2012
Ginger is beautiful, I hope she finds a great home. Too bad I live in Pittsburgh.

Message From: Tracey November 15, 2012
I'm so happy that I found this site... we can't wait to find our new family member. Thank you for all you do, keep up the good work SCBR!!!

Message From: Laura Layton September 14, 2012
Hi there, I was looking for Darla. Keep up the good work!

Message From: Rick August 26, 2012
What a GREAT cause and site!! Keep it up!!

Message From: Max and Margaret Gray August 4, 2012
Wonderful work you are doing. Sad to have such a demand, wish we were closer and could help.

Message From: Deborah Willard July 8, 2012
So many in need. Wish I could take them all!!

Message From: Carol Durham May 18, 2012
just checking in to see what new dogs you have

Message From: Bonnie April 10, 2012
Where is second chance located.

Message From: Benay March 24, 2012
Great website!!

Message From: Beth Anderson March 19, 2012
Best of luck with this wonderful organization!!

Message From: Evelyn McCorristin-Peters March 17, 2012
Best of luck to Second Chance Boxer Rescue. Thanks to all the volunteers who do so much to help this wonderful breed. You are my heros!

Message From: Dolly March 17, 2012
Boxers Rule!!